Two Buttes Lake has 14 feet of Water!

August 2, 2013:  We have had such a drought and it has been a while since Two Buttes Lake has had water.  Just a few weeks ago I was there and I took some pictures of Black Hole from the cliff side and some pictures of the mountain from both sides.  There was no water in the lake then. It just looked like a swamp full of green  swamp grass.

Two Buttes Lake and red canoe by Gloria Jean

Two Buttes Lake and Canoe

When I heard that two Buttes lake had 14 feet of water, I wanted to get a picture of it right away.  This picture was taken August 2, 2013. Today I drove all around the area looking for a good place to get a nice picture of the water and the mountain  in the picture at the same time and a Colorado Park Ranger directed me to this spot. He confirmed that the lake had 14 feet of water. I lucked out further for a good shot, when I saw two people rowing a canoe right when I was taking the picture.  I had never seen this area of the lake before and I was thrilled to get this shot with my new little $99.00 Canon.  I was so happy with this picture, I put my name on it.

2 Responses to “Two Buttes Lake has 14 feet of Water!”

  1. John Huck says:

    Excellent to see my waterfront property finally have a waterfront. And person taking picture is trespassing.
    Not worried about anything just don’t leave your trash like everyone else


  2. Jeannie says:

    As I mentioned, I was directed to this spot by a Colorado Parks and wildlife Ranger for the purpose of taking this picture. I did not see any “no trespassing” signs, so if you are worried about that, maybe you should put some up.