Let’s Get Moving!

Walking Program

Lamar Public Library’s
Let’s Get Moving!
A FREE Walking Program for Everyone
Lamar Public Library’s “NOVEL WALKERS” is a walking club!
The Novel Walkers walk in the comfort of the Library’s Cultural Events Center to popular walking programs such as Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds!
There is no fancy equipment or complicated steps, we just pop in a workout video and follow Leslie as she leads you on a total-body conditioning workout. The simplicity of at-home walking makes its effectiveness deceptive.
Safe for all ages and fitness levels, her at-home workouts are world famous. So, lace up your walking shoes and let’s get started! No small televisions for us! The walking video will be projected on to the big screen!
JANUARY 14, 21 & 28
@ 7:00 pm
In the Library’s
Cultural Events Center
102 E. Parmenter
Lamar, CO 81052
Book us for your walk!

Misty L. Warren
Circulation Supervisor/Marketing and Advertising/CEC
Lamar Public Library
Read, Learn, Succeed….for a Lifetime
102 E. Parmenter St., Lamar, CO 81052
Phone: 719-336-1292
Fax: 719-336-1294

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