Springfield’s Own Expresso Coffee House has Great Bagels.

Froth eXpresso Coffee House

I never know what to write for a title but that one says it all.

Mom and I went to Froth eXpresso Coffee House (or Main Street Bistro) today to take a picture and write something about Springfield’s new coffee house that I had been hearing about and seeing on Facebook. I don’t drink coffee often, but it was a bagel that won my heart.

I ordered a non-gluten Bagel with veggie packed cream cheese, turkey, avocado, with lettuce and tomato. This was a serious test, as I have tried many non-gluten breads that ended up tasting more like cardboard than bread. I only ordered one to try it and I and split it with Mom but I should have ordered two, with one for each of us because I ate mine quickly and then salivated while watching her eat hers.

“Are you going to finish that?” I asked. It sounded kind of funny, but Mom often can’t finish her sandwich and I was hoping this would be one of those times. Luckily, it was, and I got to finish her half. It was delicious. I had a hard time believing that it was non-gluten.

I’m getting hungry for another one as I write this, so I’m quite sure I will be back.

I just couldn’t picture what a coffee shop in Springfield would be like at all, so I had to go see for myself. It’s strange how when I hear the term “Coffee House” as a baby boomer from the 60’s, I picture a dark place with hippies sitting around listening to some guy recite poetry while they smoke pot. Nah, I thought, I doubt if this shop is that kind of coffee shop. Another thing I pictured was a busy coffee shop in a huge city serving stressed out executives tall foamy frothy drinks on their busy lunch hour. Well, it wasn’t like that either.

You will just have to check it out for yourself. The Froth eXpresso Coffee House can be found at 857 Main Street in Springfield. They also have a facebook page, but you can’t get any coffee there.

You can dine in or order to go, or bring your laptop as they say they have free wi-fi. If you want to order something to pick up, their phone number is 523-4445. (I suggest getting the Bagel.) They are open Tuesday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Closed on Monday. On Saturday you can have breakfast there from 7:00 to noon.

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