Please donate to a worthy cause. Marla’s family medical Fund.

Please consider donating to a good cause here: Marla’s family medical fund.


Marla is a mother, daughter and a grandmother who recently had a massive stroke and has just undergone surgery to stop the bleeding. This family needs a lot of help.

Marla will no longer be able to work and she has no health insurance. Her husband is only partly employed. Her daughter, Brittany, (pictured here with her son) is a single mom, who has taken on the responsibility of caring for her family which includes Marla’s son, age 10, in addition to her own son, age 4. Marla is still in ICU and her prognosis is unknown. Brittany has left Springfield where she had been living with her grandmother to be with her mom and nephew and she is no longer employed.

After the surgery, Marla will need months of physical therapy. Brittany is in need of funds for caring for the two boys and for a vehicle, license, insurance and fuel to travel back and forth to the hospital in Colorado Springs, and for taking the boys to and from school in Ellicott. In addition, Marla’s parents, who live a three hour drive away, need funds for traveling back and forth. This fund is for the entire family in this time of crisis and will be managed by Marla’s parents. We would be so grateful for your help. Thank you so much.

With GoFundMe, the goal does not have to be reached in order for your donation to be received by the family and used where it is most needed. It goes immediately to them.

Marla is my niece. Her mother is my sister, Karen. I created this gofund me account for the whole family as they have very little income coming in, even for basic living expenses and gas for travel back and forth from the Hospital in Colorado Springs to Ellicott, and from Springfield to Ellicott. Hopefully they will be able to apply for and get assistance in paying the enormous hospital and doctor bills, but in the meantime they lack enough to meet basic living expenses, like food, and travel. I truly appreciate everyone who has sent their regards and prayers for her recovery and I understand if you can’t afford to donate $50.00 or $25.00 dollars but donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Can you donate $5.00? Every donation counts and is greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you so much for caring. Marla is currently in Memorial hospital.

Message from Karen Savage, Marla’s mother:

“I need to let everyone know, that has not heard, that our middle daughter, Marla, has had a severe stroke. She is in intensive care in the Memorial hospital. She had cranial surgery to help relieve some pressure and hopefully stop the brain from swelling. We can use all the prayers we can get, and thank you everyone that has donated to the go fund me page that my sister set up for them.. I will try to keep everyone updated.”


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