The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is Unconstitutional, and is Stealing Money from the U.S. Treasury.

When Congress created The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, they put Elizebeth Warran, in charge of setting it up. It was set up so that funding was not provided through congressional appropriations but it would receive all its funding directly from the U.S. treasury. How and why Congress would do this is the big question. This would be handing the agency its own power and it would not being answerable to anyone, even to Congress!

The agency was set up by the Democrats in answer to the Home Loan Bubble Collapse in 2008, later followed by the Foreclosure Crises in 2010. How is this agency even legal if we are calling this, our government, a democracy? If this is allowed to stand as is, it gives the agency its own power and makes it untouchable, not subject to any congressional control or oversight, which leaves it wide open for all kinds of corruption. In a democracy this should not even be possible, due to our constitution which says in Section 1, article 7 that only the Congress alone has the right and duty to distribute funds to a government agency.

After Richard Cordray announced his resignation on November 24, President Trump, appointed Mick Mulvaney, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to serve as Interim Director of the CFPB until the Senate can confirm a new replacement.

Leandra English, said, “Not so fast, this is my seat!” English came to work and told all the staff she was the one in charge and the rightful director, having been given the position by the previous director.

Mulvaney also came to work and set up his office and then sent a memo out to everyone telling them to disregard any memo coming from Leandra English, that she was not the person in charge. English then went to court and immediately filed a case to try to stop Mulvaney and make the case that she was the rightful Director.

If the court determines that the set up of the agency is unconstitutional (and if we are calling this a democracy it would be.) thus it would be illegal. The whole question of whom is in charge of the agency will not matter, and they will have to shut it down. The idea that an agency can just dip into the U.S. treasury with no oversight, begs the question, who is really in charge and who authorizes these transactions if not congress? Do the we really want agencies taking money from the U.S. Treasury with no congressional oversight at their own discretion? Who decides how much money they take? Doesn’t the U.S. treasury belong to the American Republic?

I think this agency is stealing money from our Treasury. After all, there is no congressional no oversight, they are just dipping into the treasury, taking whatever they want, whenever they want it and using it for their left wing liberal agenda. It needs to be closed. Fire everyone President Trump.

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