Snow Journal - January 3, 2007, My digging work
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Before on Dec 31

Before, on Dec 31

After, Jan 3

After, on Jan 3


Snow drift to the east down 10th ave. is at least six feet tall.

Pets on the snow

Pets survey the scene from the mounds of snow from the ditch I dug on Jan 2, and 3, 2007


January 3, 2007 ,11:16 p.m.

People are doing a lot of digging out today, including me. It was a sunny day and I noticed quite a bit of melting going on.

I worked all afternoon on a trench across the driveway to my Mom's house. The first foot of snow was light and fluffy, but after that I had to break it up with a garden hoe and pick small amounts up at a time. I did part of it yesterday and today I reached the top of her porch. I could not do any more and was about to quit when a man with a shovel came by. He was for hire. We paid him to clear the rest of the snow on the porch and for the first time since December 31st, I opened the door.

I heard that Hwy 287 through town is cleared, and is wet with melted snow but I did not walk anywhere today. I was too tired from shoveling snow. Here are some pictures of my greatest work of art ever.

Work in Progress, day one

It was a work in progress I got half way there yesterday and to the top of the porch today. Then I could do no more..

Almost there

I reached the first step on the porch today.

The porch

I couldn't do any more today.

The porch was cleared by someone else. Then I took a hot bath. This has been a really great accomplishment today. I thought it would take a week. Tonight a warm wind will come, (as I prayed for it) and lots of snow will melt tonight and tomorrow.

I have a lot to be grateful and thankful for. The electricity did not go out, and we have running water. People in other snow storms have not been so lucky as we. This snow will be good for the earth, we need the ground water. Many people were rescued from the highway. I am grateful that I had enough energy to shovel all that snow. I would have never thought I could have done it, but it went much faster than I thought it would. I just decided to start chipping away at it and I was determined to get it done even if it took a week. I am very grateful for these wonderful things.




To live in true gratitude is to live in grace.

I will keep a journal of the snow storm here everyday, so check back with me.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I will do my best to answer them.


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