Snow damage

Springfield and Baca County
Snow Damage

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Damages to Springfield and Baca County from the large amount of snow fall that came on December 30, 2007 have not yet been assessed. Loss of livestock has been around 10,000. It took a while for the rest of the state to realize that this area was hit a lot harder than they were. The full extend of the amount of snow was difficult for people to conprehend who were not here trying to get out of their front doors.

Below : Radio Shack's awning fell and it looks like they are closed for business, so did the awning for the Baca Weekly building.

New pictures added at the bottom of page taken in February 2007.

Radio Shack lost an awning.

Below: I guess I won't be going to the bank drive through today anyway.

The bank drive through

Below: This guy is still digging his car out. He really needs to get to the liquor store. Gee I was there and back already. Yep I got mine.

Still digging

Below: This is Gambles hardware and furniture store.. I think it used to have an awning too. Gambles sustained a lot of damage. Lets get a little closer and take a look see....

more awnings fell

Below : Note the roof and the crack in the front of the building. The front windows were all broken too. Lets look inside... I hope the thing does not fall on me...

Gambles building

Below : This is the east window display in Gambles. I don't see anything I want.

window of gambles

Below : Looking through the front door of Gambles all I can see is a roof. I can't see anything else.

inside gambles

Below : Inside of Gambles Store, the roof could fall on us at any minute.


Below : Over time, the building just kept crumbling....


Below : Across the Street a garage didn't make it...


Below: The city park was a nice place to pile snow taken from the streets .


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