Electric Snowstorm,4/13/07 by Gloria Jean Local Weather
Save Colorado By: Jim Beers Retired U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife & Wetlands Biologist, Special Agent, & Refuge Manager.
Tornado Touches Down 
west of Springfield.
 6/19/07 by Gloria Jean 
Local Weather

Want my Email? Get a warrentby Roy Mark

Is 2012 The End of Time?


New Internet law.


November 21,
Three die in a Fire at Hometown Burritos

Snow Storm 2006
Snow journal
My Ditch work
Traffic Jam In Springfield?
Karen's snow pics
Snow damage
Walk about town


October 16, 2005
Brandy Wheately, of Houston Texas Killed on US 287

September 17, 2005
Baca Weekley Article
Baca County buries Jane Doe after 17 years

July 14, 2005 From the Plainsman Herald
Dave Weeden, injured, then killed while in custody of Baca County Sheriff.

July 14, 2005 From the Plainsman Herald
Wreck on Highway 109 kills local Man, Jody Roper

July 20, 2005 From the Baca Weekly

June 22, 2005
Colorado chosen for site of Giant Cosmic Ray Observatory to be built in Baca, Prowers and Bent counties. Headquarters will be at Lamar Community College.
April 30, 2005
Texas Woman, Jeanette Bickford, Dies in Fatal Car Accident
April 22, 2005
Denver man, Michael Jennings, dies in Baca County Jail.
March 30, 2005
Collision Kills Mother and Daughter Eight Miles South of Springfield.
January 13, 2005:
Two From Texas Killed in Accident 10 Miles North of Springfield.
October 23 2004: ( Plainsman Herald article:)
Two Vehicle Accident Near Campo Kills Georgia Man

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