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Auger Project Selects Colorado Site for Giant Cosmic Ray Observatory.

Pictured above, Pablo Bauleo of Colorado State University answering questions about the project, and Jan Anderson at Springfield town meeting June 27, 2005.
Although the original choice had been Millard County Utah, Colorado has been chosen for the 50 million dollar Cosmic Ray Observatory by an international science group.

The Pierre Auger Collaboration said that the observatory will be built in Baca, Bent and Prowers counties. It will be a counterpart to the Southern Hemisphere observatory in Argentina.

The visitors center and the headquarters for the observatory will be located on the Lamar Community College Campus. The observatory will study the nature and origin of cosmic rays, which were first detected in 1912.

Cosmic rays, unlike light, which travels directly from a star to us, are charged particles, and so they are influenced by magnetic fields which extend throughout space. The magnetic fields cause the lower energy cosmic rays to swerve along complicated trajectories, and in most cases we canít determine their point of origin.

Governer Owens also attended the Springfield Town Meeting June 27, pictured left, he is presenting Mayor Jay Suhler with a proclaimation dubbing Springfield the State Capitol for one hour.

Okay, would that make Jay Suhler the governer for one hour?

If you would like to know more about cosmic rays and the observatories go to: http://www.auger.org/ or do a search on google using the key words "cosmic ray observatory."

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