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Cotten tail rabbit

Cotten tail Rabbits live all over the city of Springfield.

prairie dog

Prairie dog picture taken at Two Buttes Mountain.

Deer on hwy 160

Deer grazing along Hwy 160 to Walsh


Turtles hang around and are seen in the annual turtle races at the fair.

Mountain Lions

Mountain Lions do live here, though rarely seen. They don't live in the City. This is a picture of Black Hole, but I added the lion digitally.


Prairie dog moves to town

Above:A Prairie Dog was spotted at Main and Tenth Avenue. He was packed and looked like he was trying to move in.

Fox in Springfield Colorado

A very large Red Fox was seen crossing a west side Springfield Road.

Rainbow over grain elevator in Springfield Colroado

Where is
Springfield Colorado?

Springfield is located in the southeast corner of the state. We are a farming and cattle ranching community with plenty of sunshine, and usually have mild winters. Our summers are normally hot and getting hotter each year. Springfield.

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