Fire at the

Home Town Burrito Restaurant

Hometown Burritos fire

At about 2:00 a.m a fire broke out at the home/business Hometown Burritos at Tenth ave and Colorado Street. The blaze engulfed the building. Neighboring Fire departments from Walsh and Lamar came to assist in putting out the blaze. The three people who died in the fire were Rocky, Pamela and Jazz Saldana.

It was a fire storm with high winds blowing to the North. Had the wind been blowing south, there would have been no way to save the house next door.

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This is a blow up of a section on the right of the picture above.

Hometown Burritos

Like an explosion, the flames rose up suddenly. The night air was very cold but from where I stood, I could feel the warmth.

Hometown Burritos

Firemen wore masks to protect them from smoke inhalation. A car sitting by the alley door was pulled to safety when the fire threatened to devour it. A propane tank next to the building was disconnected and dragged to a neighbor's lot.

Hometown Burritos

The spray from the fireman's hoses didn't seem to phase the fire as it seemed determined to have the entire building.

Front of Business, Hometown Burritos fire

This photo was taken by Darla Tobey who lives on Colorado Street. It shows the front entrance of the business facing Colorado Street.

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