Get off the Grid.
Build Your Own Solar Power Plant.

Make your own energy

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost electricity? Within 15 minutes you can't even buy a loaf of bread. Computers won't work, wireless land lines won't work, you can't cook a meal, you are sitting in the darkness wondering where you put the matches and candles and wishing you had a couple of oil lamps.

Don't pay for electricity anymore! Even if you decide to stay on the grid, if your system creates more energy than you need and your meter runs backwards, the power company will actually pay you!

And you can build your own professional power plant for less than $200 in your own backyard!

Do you want to get off the grid or drastically reduce your power bill?

Depending on how much energy you use, you can create your own solar energy system that will give you the freedom to go fully off grid, or you can stay connected and get paid by the electric company when your meter runs backwards.

The Earth4Energy DIY kit has full instructions and now comes with video lessons to help you build your first solar panel in a weekend.

Windmills and solar panels can cost thousands but with our simple setup kit you can make your own for a fraction of the price. You can build a great looking solar panel for as little as $200 - Most of these parts can be found around your home or at the hardware store!

Learn how YOU can create electricity at home and drastically reduce you power bill

Let the wind and Sun send you a paycheck.

Wind power is a great backup for when you have long periods of cloudy days. You will have solar power for sunny days and wind power for those windy days. You will never complain about the wind again because it will be sending you a paycheck! If you remain connected to the grid and you create more energy than you use, the power company will send you a check!

You can be off the Grid and Independent.

The electricity went down in my small town one day and within 20 minutes no one could even buy a loaf of bread or cash a check. Phones that are wireless and depend on electricity cannot be used in a power outage to call for help. The back-up generator at the grocery story only had enough reserve power to stay on for 15 minutes and then the store had to shut down. I realized that we are much too dependant on the grid. Creating our own power source is so easy and so practical. I can't believe everyone is not doing it!

Get started on your power plant today! You can build a solar panel over the weekend.

Learn how YOU can create electricity at home and drastically reduce you power bill



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