Springfield Memories
Old Settlers

Above: Part of Wiskers Club at the Old Settlers reunion, September 19, 1936.
Pictured Left to right: Mounted: Hiram Burton and Monte Cook, Standing: Dick Thompson, Luther Huckaby, Phil Davison, Marian Cheek, Wallace Nidey, Fred Case, Caton (?)
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The fellow in the bakery hat..who is he?

Who is this guy?

Picture of mud hut Submitted by Jerry L.Tobey,Sr

Attached is photo of my Grandmother's homestead north and east of Kim,Colorado on two butte creek.Pictured is my Grandmother,Nettie Tobey,my father,Eugene Tobey,and my aunt Grace "Tobey"Carder. Notice the flight of geese just above the roof line on the half dugout. We think times a tough now,but can you imagine how they survived out there 3 miles from the nearest neighbor.

Some of my fondest memories come from my early life in Springfield. Such as: The original swimming pool had pure well water pumped into it and "COLDER THAN ICE ON YOUR BACK." I can still feel dread at that first jump into the cold water. Man was it cold.

We lived in the old two story house just north of town on the east side of the highway.My Dad caught me playing with matches when I burned the chicken house down.He took me to the county jail and Sheriff Dennit put me in a cell for what seem like years.I think my Dad and the sheriff finally felt sorry for me since I cried so much.Just think of the shame I've carried for 60 years,a jail bird at 6 years old. By the way,I've never touched a match since then.

My brother Billy Tobey tried to robber the bank one morning but got cold feet and ran into the cafe and hide behind the heater which was in full view of front plate glass window.Anyone walking by the cafe window could see this "little" Jessie James want to be.I've always wonder why I got jail time for burning down the chicken house and he got nothing but a lot of laughs for trying to robber the bank. Go figure?

Jerry L. Tobey Sr.

Jerry, I could not see the geese so I imbellished the picture and added some color to it below. ~Gloria

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