Snowstorm Dec.31
Snow Journal Starting December 31. 2006
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Church shelter from the storm

The United Methodist Church and others providing shelter for stranded travelers.


Snow drift to the east down 10th ave. is at least six feet tall.

snow packed at door

Snow at South door is waist high.


December 31, 2006 ~ 8:00 a.m.

This morning at 8:00 a.m. the sun was shining over mounds of drifts, some high and some only up to my waist. On the north and west of the building, there are no drifts, so perhaps people whose houses are pointed north or west can get out of their doors. But to the east the drift comes up to the bottom of the window and a mound sweeping up past that which is higher than my head.

Last night I built some snow shoes out of two plastic chairs, using the backs of the chairs for the shoe and leaving two back legs attached to grip the snow from behind. I used a skill saw to cut the chairs. I tested one of the show shoes out with my weight on three feet of snow outside my west door before I cut up the second chair. The single chair supported my full weight on top of the snow, so I think two chair snowshoes will work if I can walk in them.

I have not yet tried walking on top of the snow yet. I did tie them on and I walked around inside the house to see how they might manuver. My little dog seemed quite perplexed watching me. They are clumbsy to walk in and I have to tie them to my boots securely. It will be interesting to see how they work. I will let you know if they do. If I can get around on them, I will take some more pictures of the snow from somewhere besides my doors and windows. (What I wouldn't give for a snowmobile, or a pair of skis about now.)

For those kids who got stuck here on their way to skiing, hey you don't have to go much further. I hope you have cross country skis though. Its pretty flat around here except for snow drifts. ~ Gloria

1:00 p.m. Update: First sign of a snow plow working on Hwy 287 that I could see from 10th ave. and Tipton Street. I also saw a small pickup going south down Colorado Street. The back of it was full of snow. Someone probably cleared their driveway. We need large trucks to carry out this amount of snow.

National Guard in Springfield

NATIONAL GUARD: There was also a military green helicopter flying around looking at the damage. It flew directly over my house while I was outside digging out the front of the store building. I certainly hope they send some trucks and snow plows, but I heard that they were dropping food for the Shelters where people are stranded.

My show shoes were a bust. I am too tired to try them again. I could not keep them on strait. The problem is in how they were attached to my boots. They just did not hold good enough to walk in.




Have fun in the snow.


Digging out Time

digging out

View from East window.

Snow from window

Looking South across 10th Avenue below. That is my car covered in the front with a drift. The drift continues across the street.

car in snow


Life is too important to take seriously.

The first picture is a view from my east window looking at Colorado and tenth avenue. At the corner is a person shoveling snow from the front of their restaurant. Snow is more than half way to the top of the chain link fence in my neighbor's yard.

Thelast picture is the front part of my car covered with snow. Behind is the drift across the street. 1oth avenue.

I will keep a journal of the snow storm here everyday, so check back with me.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I will do my best to answer them.


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