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Springfield/Baca County Snow Storm - Hit December 30, 2006
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Church shelter from the storm

The United Methodist Church and others providing shelter for stranded travelers.


Snow at South door is waist high.

snow packed at door


December 31, 2006

Springfield - Baca County Snow Storm

snow storm

Below:These pictures were taken during and directly after the snow storm that started on December 30, 2006, socking everyone inside their homes with four feet of snow and higher drifts. I am sorry if the download time takes a little longer for all these pictures. I have captions under each picture for those interested in knowing what they are looking at. The area, seen from a helicopter by the governer was nothing but "an ocean of white." It was difficult to navigate and even know where one might land. It is estimated that over 10,000 cattle were lost in this storm.


snow storm

Above: Looking at the Intersection of 10th ave and Tipton street. These pictures were taken December 30th during snow storm.

snow storm

Above: The three foot high porch in the back of this house is completely covered with snow. You can see the hand rail at the bottom is amost covered.

snow storm

Above: Under this pile of snow is my car. Drifts continue across 10th avenue.

Snow drift over back porch

Above: Back porch is completely covered and the back door cannot be opened. The porch itself is at least three feet high. Note the small animal tracks across the snow drift. I don't know what animal that could be. A mouse? My cat made a much larger track in the snow. But my cat is huge.

heavy snow

Above: North side of building (right) you can almost see the ground, then a drift covers the rest of the yard. Note the chain link fence across the alley is three quarters covered with snow.


snow scene, fence

Above: Close up picture of neighbors chain link fence taken from the above picture. The entire yard is covered with this amount of snow. I don't know where we will put it all.

Colorado Street

Above: Facing Colorado Street. People walk down this street to get to Traders Thriftway Store. To the far right you can see the Methodist Church where over 50 stranded travelers are staying.

Colorado Street

Above: Methodist Church Parking lot on Colorado Street.

Colorado Street

Above: Backyard of house on Colorado Street shows the enormous amount of snow on the roofs of buildings which are located on Main street.

Snow colapses awning

Above: Awnings on main and other places are colapsing from heavy snow. This one is behind Anderson Shoe Store.

Happy new year Springfield.



Thanks to all the people who emailed me in appreciation of this web site's news and pictures.

I will keep a journal of the snow storm here everyday, so check back with me.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I will do my best to answer them.


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