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JE Canyon Ranch


JE Canyon represents one of the largest contiguous tracts of privately owned ranch land in Colorado and is one of the premier hunting ranches in the West. Consisting of approximately 46,798 contiguous deeded acres located in southeastern Colorado, it is 50 miles northeast of Trinidad via State Highway 160.

The entrance is on the south side of the property, about 14 miles north of Highway 160 along county roads. The ranch is bordered on three sides by picturesque canyons with the largest being 9 miles of the Purgatoire River and Purgatoire Canyon to the north, Doss Canyon to the west, and 6 miles of the Chacuaco Canyon to east.

The ranch has three main topographical features with the level open and flat short grass prairie and upland mesas to the south near the entrance at 5,400 feet. The ranch slopes off down into the steep-sided red rock canyons of the Purgatoire River, Chacuaco Creek and many other canyons at 4,500-4,700 feet.

The lowest part of the ranch is in the river bottoms near Red Rock Canyon at 4,000 feet. The ranch has well over 55 miles of canyon within the boundaries of the property, as well as numerous springs and pools. Juniper and pinon trees are dominant species in the canyons, with aspens and cottonwood trees in places and short grass prairie on the upper mesas



The 46,700+ deeded acres today represents efforts by several landowners starting in the 1940’s to assemble numerous parcels into one of the premier ranches in Colorado. The ranch is rich in cultural history from paleontological to the present and home to fascinating geology, archeological and historical heritage including prehistoric rock art. The ranch and surrounding area have attracted archeological expeditions starting in 1931 to the present from Denver University, Columbia University to the recent Colorado Rock Art Field Projects supported by the Colorado Historical Society. 

There are remains from of habitation sites from the Late Prehistoric stage and evidence of Apache and then nomadic tribes including the Comanche and Cheyenne. Several expeditions travelled through the ranch by Spanish and Mexican explorers looking for trade routes. With the defeat of Mexico by the US in 1848, the area was primarily used for ranching. Details concerning the prehistoric rock art findings and other reports related to historic cabins and dwellings are available to qualified buyers.









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