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Living Quarters and Buildings


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Ranch Home
Ranch Home
Above: Owner's Home New 2001 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bath, Office, Wine Cellar, JE Canyon Ranch Employee Home, Built in 2006, 5 Bedrooms, 3 Bath, Full Basement, 2 Car Garage, Also has a 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Bunkhouse, Unattached
Hunters guest house Corwin Brown
Above: Guest & Hunters' House with Bunkhouse,Remodeled 2002,3 Bedrooms, 1 1/2 Bath,2 Bedrooms in Bunkhouse Guest Entertainment Building, Built 2009, Located at Owner's Home Commercial Kitchen, Cook's Bedroom, Bathroom, Laundry room, Large Dining Room.



The ranch is well improved with extensive homes, guest and entertainment facilities, barns, cattle facilities, and an airplane hanger and landing strip. 

Owner’s compound-

  • Owner’s home constructed in 2001 with four bedrooms, two baths, office, living room, kitchen, utility room, wine cellar and pantry.
  • Guest home, unique rock home constructed in 2002 with one bedroom, kitchenette and bath.
  • Guest entertainment complex constructed in 2009 with large dining area, commercial kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, cooks quarters and storage heated by solar and radiant floor heat.

Ranch headquarters-
  • An employee home constructed in 2004 includes three bedrooms and two baths, large living room and kitchen.
  • A large ranch shop with three bays and overhead doors was remodeled in 2012.
  • Fuel storage constructed in 2003 including two 1,000 gallon above ground, double walled storage tanks complete with electric pumps and fuel meters.
  • Morton calving barn constructed in 2001 complete with hospital/staff room and OB stall. Extensive pipe corrals large enough to accommodate 600 pairs at one time. Complete with sorting alleys, working tub, squeeze chute, scales and over 100’ of feed bunks. All corrals and traps have all season watering facilities. Adjoins, old historic rock barn in excellent condition and used for hay and equipment storage.
  • Second employee home constructed in 2006, with five bedrooms, three baths, full basement, two car garage, also includes one bedroom, one bath detached bunkhouse.

Guest and Hunting cabins
  • Remodeled in 2002 includes a three bedroom, one and one-half bath guesthouse with adjoining detached two bedroom stone bunkhouse.

Airplane Hanger and Shop
  • Hanger and shop 100x100 metal building constructed in 2001 includes electric hanger door, paved driveway, bathroom, and lounge area with cook stove.
  • Includes a 5,000’ plus grass landing strip with FAA approved GPS location number.


Employee Home

Employee Home at Ranch Headquarters,
Built 2004, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath

Water storage

70,000 Gallon Water Storage Facility on high point of ranch connected to three wells, distributes potable water to all homes, barns and hangar, and distributes livestock water through approx. 50 miles of underground pipelines to approx. 40 water tanks. Combined with 9 miles of the Purgatoire River and approx. 5 miles of Chacuaco Canyon Live Water, make this one of the best watered ranches in Las Animas County

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Bunk House

Ranch Bunkhouse

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