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Ranch Operations


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Ranch Operations
Cattle ranching has been an integral part of the ranch beginning with the earliest settlers to the present. The ranch interior is fenced and cross-fenced into numerous pastures and traps with each pasture/trap having its own water supply. This allows for the year round rotation of the cowherd from summer on the upper mesas to winters along the river bottoms. The normal cowherd consists of up to 500 mother cows, replacement heifers and bulls.

Water Rights
The ranch is well watered for livestock, wildlife and fire protection. It includes a 70,000 gallon water storage facility on the high point of the ranch that is connected to 3 wells. The system delivers potable water to all homes, barns and hanger. It also distributes livestock water though approximately 50 miles of underground pipelines to approximately 40 water tanks. In addition, there is live water in the 9 miles of the Purgatoire River, the 5 miles of Chacuaco Canyon, and other streams, making this one of the best-watered ranches in Las Animas County. The extensive water line system allows for fire hydrants at each set of improvements, barns and the hanger.

Due to the location in the canyons of the Purgatoire River most of the boundary fencing are natural canyon rim rocks and only 7 miles of fencing are required on the south side of the ranch.

Mineral Rights
All mineral rights owned by the ranch owner will be conveyed. The mineral ownership appears to be very fragmented with federal reserved minerals and severed private interests. There has been no indicated interest in the mineral leasing or exploration for years.

Conservation Values
“JE Canyon is like having your own private wilderness,” said Renee Rondeau, Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP). The biological diversity of the ranch is well documented in a bio blitz conducted in June 2010 by CNHP and the Denver Botanic Gardens, where 865 species of flora & fauna where identified.

These findings were published in “JE Canyon Bioblitz” and can be purchased through Blurb Books. The ranch was also featured in John Fielder’s “Ranches of Colorado” and in “Colorado: Lost Places and Forgotten Worlds.”

In 2000, the present owners placed a conservation easement on 24,642 acres of the eastern portion of the ranch with Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust. The easement limits the number of additional homesites to five, but retains the normal recreational, hunting and agricultural operations on this portion of the ranch. The remaining 22,000 plus acres within the Purgatoire River Canyons are free from any conservation easement.














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Cattle Ranching

Cattle Ranching.

Calving barn

Calving Barn, and Corrals
Over 100 feet of Feed Bunks

Inside Calving Barn

Inside Calving Barn, Extensive Corrals with Scales
Over 100 feet of Feed Bunks

Shop, JE Canyon Ranch

Ranch Shop at Headquarters

Airplane Hanger

Airplane Hangar & Shop, 100'x100' Built 2001, 1 Bathroom, Lounge Are with Cook Stove, Etc. Airport has a 5,000'+ Grass Landing Strip with its own FAA Approved GPS Location Number

Old Barn

Old Rock Barn, over 100 years old.

Ranch Land for sale, Colorado

The ranch is well watered for livestock

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Guest Entertainment Building,
Built 2009, Located at Owner's Home Commercial Kitchen, Cook's Bedroom, Bathroom, Laundry room, Large Dining Room.



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