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Big Horn


The ranch participates in Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Ranching for Wildlife  program (RFW), a unique hunting program in Colorado that entitles large ranches (minimum 12,000 deeded acres) with certain privileges and opportunities and provides access for public hunts.

The ranch participates with two other adjoining ranches in the Purgatoire Ranches group.This is the only participating group in the State to receive tags for bighorn sheep.

JE Canyon receives tags for the coveted bighorn (Unit S61), trophy mule deer (Unit 147), antelope (Unit 147), and turkey. The ranch sets their own hunt dates for their private hunters and public hunters hunt during the set state seasons. The ranch also selects what sex of each species they will hunt and how these will be distributed between private and public hunters.

For the 2013 hunting season, JE Canyon has the following rights:

  • Bighorn Sheep- 1 ram tag every other year and entitled to one in 2013. One public ram hunter every other year. 
  • Deer- 6 private buck tags with a hunt season from late November through December 15. Public hunts are for 3 doe and 1 buck hunter. JE Canyon can increase the number of private buck tags to up to 12, which would increase allocation of additional public hunts. Includes mule deer and whitetails.
  • Antelope- 2 private buck tags, 1 public buck tag. 
  • Spring and fall turkey hunts, multiple bearded hunts, one of only three RFW properties offering turkey hunts.
  • Tags for elk, bear and mountain lion can be purchased over the counter.


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