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Thinking about moving here?

City Park, Springfield ColoradoThe weather is more like Kansas than Colorado, except we don't get the tornados. Well, not as many anyway. They are fairly rare here. In fact they are so rare, we don't even look for cover, we just grab our cameras and start taking pictures. Or else maybe, we just don't have enough common sense to take cover...and that includes me.

We have mild winters, hot summers and spring always seems too short. One thing I can say for sure though is that we get a lot of sunshine, more than most I'm sure. So bring your horses and your family and get a taste of the wide open spaces where you can see for miles and miles and where the evening sunset spans the horizon and the meadow larks sing with the crickets.

I think there are some people who are tired of the rat race, the cost of living, the crime, the traffic, and the stress of living in a large city. I think some people are ready to retire, or are ready for a different lifestyle or a country lifestyle. I think these same people are looking for the right place to live. That is why I made this site. I want to let people know what Springfield is like so they can decide if this is the place for them.

No place is perfect, but then it is all in your perspective and in your attitude. Springfield may not be the perfect place for you, and if it isn't then don’t move here. But if it is, then come on and look us over. The pace is slow and wages are low, so bring your business, your rainy day stash, or your retirement income and live here for less.

Occasionally I have heard some local people complain about the cost of living here, but they don’t know about the cost of living and doing business elsewhere or in the big cities, they have been here most of their lives, and some families have been here for three generations.

If you are ready for a place in the sun, you’ll find a lot of sun here. You might find work here, but don’t count on it for certain. It would be ideal for traveling salesmen, a truck drivers, anyone with retirement income, or their own flexible go-anywhere business. If you are at all wealthy you can live like royalty or if you have a service to provide, we need that kind of thing too. You will do well if you are a do-it-yourself type.

Cowboys, Springfield Colorado

So this website is my way of reaching out to the world and letting them see Springfield through my eyes. I lived in the city for 20 years and coming here was a bit of a culture shock. It required an attitude adjustment. So if you come, leave your stress in the city, take a deep breath and go for a walk to the city park.

In the past I posted a notice on this site that this website was not the “official” Springfield web site. But what is really meant by an “official” web site? Would that be a government web site? This is not a government website, but it is my official website for Springfield.

Like all small towns, Word of mouth is the fastest news source here, so if you are in business that would be your best advertising, or it could be your worst problem if you get a bad reputation. Open a restaurant and everyone will come, but it better be good, consistent and reasonably priced or they won't come back. 

Compared to the big city, Springfield is a quiet and remote area. You may have to learn to shop on the Internet or else travel 50 to 200 miles to get what you are looking for. Its a wonderful place to live, but you may have to know how to entertain yourself.

We have everything we need here, even though some describe this as "a remote area." We have a grocery store, two banks, a credit union, a hospital, and some good eatin' places. We also have a lot of peace and quiet where if you want, you can live the simple life.

This is not a place where you will find the hustle and bustle of a large city. It is a place where you might find turkey buzzards roosting on the tower by the city hall, or a skunk living under your house.

What I love about living in Southeast Colorado is that you can look across the wide plains and it seems as if you can see forever. You can look up at the stars at night and actually see them and you can see falling stars if you look long enough. You can see a sunset and a sunrise or a full double rainbow on a misty day.

I hope you find what you are looking for.