Springfield Colorado
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Sight seeing in the Hidden Canons

In Baca County, and surrounding areas, there are the hidden canyons and the wonderful prairie wildlife. You may not notice it passing through.

What I love about this part of the country is the wide open spaces. We have cleaner air here, and lots of sunshine. I have seen herds of deer, and antelope along the highway. I have seen ring neck pheasants with two or three females along side of the road. I have seen foxes, coyotes, prairie dogs, hawks. The best part of living in this area, is the stars you can see at night, and the sunsets in the evening. You can see for miles and miles. It is quiet here compared to the noise of the city.

People who have lived here all of their lives sometimes tend not to appreciate what they have as much as those of us who have spent our lives in a larger city. I like this part of the country because it's real easy on the brain. It's a place to live and relax and enjoy your neighbor and family. Yet we still have access to the world with high speed Internet.

Our treasures are well hidden in the farms and canyons nestled away out of sight of highways and byways. This page is to highlight the natural wealth we have in this area and written with a hope that those who live here will appreciate it and care for it and protect it. As far as a tourist attraction, there is not much out of the ordinary here. There may not be much to see if you are in a hurry. But if you want some peace, if you want to hear a lark in the morning, If you are interested in camping and exploring canyons, this is a good place to visit. Here is some information about the canyons in Colorado.  

So come and visit, but don't expect us to entertain you much. We were hoping you might entertain us.

I hope you find what you are looking for.